That simple cup of tea...

That simple cup of tea...

As those cold, biting winds of winter cut through your clothes and sting your face, what could be better than a cup of tea? It warms so much better than coffee or cocoa!

But as you sip a cup of herbal tea, you get more benefits than simply that cozy feeling. An herbal tea can soothe an upset tummy, open up stuffy noses, calm nerves, and so much more!

Our Cough and Cold Blend is the perfect example of this. As you sip this comforting brew, it can help with congestion, and also act as an expectorant. If you make it 'extra strength' and add a quantity of honey, you can have a fabulous cough syrup! Visit our Shop to order yours. It is the best little tea to have around this time of year!

Whatever herbs are in your cup of tea today...enjoy!


Sara and the Ol' Farmhouse family


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Posted on January 27, 2015 .