This American lifestyle

Really and truly we live a harsh life here in the United States. We are hard on our bodies! Think about it:

We get up at the last minute, race around getting ready for work (up goes the blood pressure, and a big shot of adrenaline).

Gulp down that cup of coffee to wake us up. Oops! Running out of time, we grab a donut or a piece of toast and out the door we go (up goes the blood sugar).

We are running late and so we get upset at the "slow poke" in front of us (up goes the blood pressure).

By the time we get to work, we are hungry and somewhat grouchy (our blood sugar levels have dropped bringing on both of these feelings). We grab another cup of coffee and Oh! look, someone brought cookies today! (more sugar, up it goes). At lunch we are in a hurry so we just grab some fast food (with lots of saturated fats, refined sugars and flours).

By mid afternoon, we are in a slump (sugar levels are low and the lunch didn't contain enough nutrients for a bird). We get home all grouchy and tired. Who wants to cook when you feel like that?!? Take out! (Fast food, again)

Then we stay up late trying to catch up around the house, falling into bed at some late hour. Only to get up in the morning and start the whole process over again.

Hmmm... Yes, this American way of life is just killing us.

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Have a healthy day!

Sara, and the Ol' Farmhouse family

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Posted on January 30, 2015 .