This American Lifestyle part 4


This is probably the number one true killer in America! I know from experience, it can bring you down lower than just about anything.

Whenever we become stressed, our mind and body cannot rest. Therefore, it cannot heal. Our heart rate goes up. Our muscles tense up. Our adrenaline goes up. It is just extra work for our bodies.

Now, I am no ostrich. I know that life is just going to hand us stuff that is hard to deal with. But, we have to learn proper coping methods. Relaxation techniques, prayer and meditation, giving ourselves a break, and herbs!

Let's look at these briefly:

Relaxation techniques- There are many different ones work for different people. For me, it is concentrating on one muscle group at a time, and consciously relaxing that muscle group. Whatever works for you, make it a regular routine!

Prayer and Meditation- Now, I personally do not meditate in the way that New Age followers do. However, the Bible does tell Christians to meditate upon the Word of God. Taking daily time to pray (talking to God) and meditate (thinking on His Word) is very good for your health. Both physical health and spiritual health.


Give yourself a break- It is very important to take a break in your work! Whether it is simply a 5-10 minute walk outside, a cup of tea, or a short 10 minute nap, this is incredibly important! When you take that break, push aside ALL work and look out the window as far as you can and think on something relaxing. Or, if you are taking a walk, look to the farthest point of the horizon and release all thoughts of work from your mind.  Just those 5-10 minutes can make a HUGE difference!

Herbs- There are herbs that help us to relax, such as Lavender and Chamomile. We can drink these in a tea or use them to fragrance our world (please do not use artificial fragrances. More on this later.). Also, there are herbs that help our bodies cope with stress, such as Astragalus and Ashwagandah to name just two. A good herbalist can help you know which of these herbs is best for you and how to take them. (Contact us for more information on this)

So, you see, reducing stress is very important. We can't always remove the stress from our lives, but we can give our bodies the tools that it needs to cope with the stresses instead of short circuiting. And you can start RIGHT NOW! And the best's free!

Sure, the herbs and tea cost a minimal amount, but how much does prayer cost? How much does a walk cost? Do what you can and your body will thank you!

To your health and well being,

Sara and the Ol' Farmhouse Family


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Posted on February 27, 2015 .