What is it like to visit the herbalist?


Recently, I had some issues within my own body that I needed to deal with. But because I didn't feel well, I couldn't focus or make objective decisions. So, I had a visit with my fellow herbalist, Tamra Speakman of Shatul Wellness .

I thought that I would give you an overview, so that you would know what to expect when you visit an herbalist.

Keep in mind that all herbalists are indeed individuals and therefore have some differences in the way that they deal with clients. But an herbalist is not a doctor nor even a replacement for a doctor! We show you how to take control of your own health! We teach you how to put the pieces together.


A visit with Tamra will go a little like this:

First, you will schedule a time and date. Then she will send you paperwork to fill out and return. I will say, since we are not doctors, we do indeed ask for more detailed information and address the situation from a much different angle.

Then she will spend several hours going over your paperwork, researching and preparing for the consultation.

At the time of the consult with Tamra, usually via telephone or skype, she will go over all of the information together with you to clarify any points and get a full picture of your health.

Then she will spend several more hours studying and researching your case. After that, Tamra will put together a protocol, or a list of things that YOU can do to take control of your health. She will send this to you and then follow up with you in a couple of weeks.

Everything is handled very thoroughly and professionally. All of your information is kept strictly confidential. This is only right and fair. This is the good herbalist's way.

If you would like to schedule a virtual consultation with Tamra, you can contact her here - ShatulWellness.com

If you are local or would like a consult in person, you may contact me (below).

Wishing you the best of health,

Sara and the Ol' Farmhouse family

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Posted on March 16, 2015 .