Herbal medicine...what is it? Part 2

 Last time, we learned what herbal medicine is NOT. So, what is herbal medicine?

First, lets establish 'what is an herb'?

An herb is simply any part of a plant. In using herbs we begin to differentiate between the parts of the herb that are being used. However, any plant would be considered an herb. (NOTE: I like to add honey in this category {there is the animal part}, not because it is an herb, but it is made from the pollen of the herbs.)

Medicine is defined as any substance, liquid or solid, that has the property of curing or mitigating disease in humans or animals, or that is used for that purpose. Medicines are internal or external, simple or compound.

So, Herbal medicine is simply using an herb in liquid or solid form to cure or to lessen disease within a human or animal body. It can be used internal or external. It can be one herb or multiple herbs.

In our country, as herbalists we have to use caution with our language and how we deal with herbal medicine. Because of those who have unethical practices and because of current FDA standing and because of various state laws, we cannot say that we practice herbal medicine.

As an herbalist, I can simply educate you on how various herbs work within and upon the body. I can show you what an herb can do. I can also help you to establish a protocol for bettering your own health through diet, exercise and herbs. The rest of it is up to you.

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Wishing you great health,

Sara and the Ol' Farmhouse family

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Posted on March 31, 2015 .