The Biblical Herbal

Coming in March 2016...

This quarterly e-magazine will provide educational herbal articles rooted in God’s Word, bringing restoration of ancient biblical herbal ways.

We have over a dozen herbalists from different denominations, experience, and educational backgrounds joining together to produce a biblical, accurate, herbal resource. We have herbal bloggers, family herbalists, nurses, doulas, midwifes, as well as advanced herbalists, clinicians, and educators with years of training and experiences. Here is a sampling of our contributors:
    Tamra Speakman of Shatul   
    Darryl Patton of The Southern Herbalist   
    Sam Steffens of Mountain Song Herbals   
    Heather Harris of The Homesteading Hippy   
    Chris Dalziel of Joybilee Farm   
    Angi Schneider of Schneider Peeps   
    Sara Davis of Ol' Farmhouse Products   
    Karri Waller of Amazing Grace Wellness Connections        
    Cyndi Sell of Patches of Thyme   
    Kim Chandler Wolf of Marmee's Pantry

A per issue or yearly subscription will be available for a small price. Those who purchase the first magazine will receive bonus items such as:

Posted on February 26, 2016 .