OOOOhhh!! I am excited!!

Ok, I am excited...REALLY excited! The summer issue of The Biblical Herbal is now available!

If you didn't get the spring issue, they will be making it available as a back issue soon. But this latest edition is even better!! More contributors, more articles, more pictures... Its just fabulous!!

Seventeen articles, more than six different recipes (including my 'addictive' hibiscus popsicle recipe!), cleaning tips, aromatherapy, skin care, a book review, my printable children's mini magazine (with something for even the 'adult children') and more!!

I am serious when I say, you will get your money's worth! This is a great magazine jam packed with great information!

I do ask that when you subscribe that you use my affiliate link here. A portion of the proceeds will come back to me which will help me to further my herbal education. I really appreciate your purchase and I truly believe that you will too!

Posted on June 16, 2016 .