Ol' Farmhouse Brand

We are so excited about this new area of our business! Our Ol' Farmhouse brand essential oils!

We introduced our blend, My Thin Friend, last month. My Thin Friend is a special blend to help curb cravings, stimulate the metabolism and encourage lymphatic drainage. You can read more about it here.

Now we are excited to add our Sweet Orange. Sweet Orange is a delicious smelling essential oil, cold pressed from the rind of the orange. This essential oil is many times added to cleaning products for a fresh clean smell. Uses range from the common cold to digestive issues.  You can read more here.

We also now have Peppermint essential oil. Peppermint has been used to calm tension headaches and to ease motion sickness in some individuals. It is also used sometimes for flu,colic and sinusitis. You can read more about our Peppermint essential oil here.

Now, we encourage you to research carefully before using any essential oil. Test for sensitivity before using very much. And always dilute properly! We want you to be happy and well!

You may notice that each oil has a Bible reference on it. Wondering what and why? 

Well, at Ol' Farmhouse our focus is on Biblical herbalism. God created the herbs for our use. We believe that His Word should be an integral part of our lives. We have chosen a different verse for each essential oil. The reason for this is to hopefully pique the interest of the consumer, so that they go to the Bible and look up the Scripture. And then, our hope is, that while they have their Bible open, they will read a bit more than just that verse. It is our way of encouraging our clients to turn to the Word of God.

We are a unique small business. We know we are different and we hope that it shows. Because it is God who makes the difference!

So, check out our products! Tell all your friends and family. And thank you for your business.

Posted on February 8, 2017 .