Help for summer time woes

Who doesn't love summer? The picnics, the swimming, the family reunions (um... well, anyway)...

With more outdoor time also comes more exposure to outdoor allergens. Airborne pollen can be a real bother for some people.

Aller Out is a fabulous herbal product that is very effective in fighting these allergies. This is an expertly blended herbal tincture that works! If allergies have you down, you definitely should give this product a try.

For some people, a hike in the woods or even just yard work can result in days of misery. Poison ivy is a mean little plant and can be vicious. We have two products that could become your new best summertime friends. Ivy Oaky is a great herbal product designed to support your body's natural ability to rid itself of irritating substances.

Another, brand new product for those who are allergic to poison ivy is our Jewelweed Spray.  Jewelweed, the inspiration for this formula, is one of the most popular herbs for soothing summer time rashes.

Check out all three of these and lots more here:

Posted on June 13, 2017 .