A Peek into the Spring issue...

Here are a few of the article titles from this quarter's Biblical herbal magazine:

Passing Over From Orthodox to Herbal Medicine by Tamra Speakman

        Here, Tamra shares her testimony of how she went from her work as a nurse in orthodox medicine to living her life with the benefits of herbal medicine. A very interesting story!

Stop the Sneezing: How to Cope with Children’s Seasonal Allergies by Angie Schneider

        In this article, Angie talks about what causes seasonal allergies and what we can do naturally to help our little ones feel better at this time. Very helpful for all the moms!

Three Common Essential Oil Myths by Nicole Stine

         With essential oils being all the rage now, it is important to have a clear direction on what is true and what is simply a sales pitch. Here, Nicole busts three of the most common myths surrounding essential oils. This is an incredibly timely article!

Growing and Using Artichoke, Cynara scolymus by Tamra Speakman

           Did you know that the artichoke is part of the thistle? Sure enough! And what yummy food it produces! Tamra gives us the low down on how to grow and use artichokes at home!

The Bitter Herbs of Passover – Horseradish by By Chris Dalziel

            Chris discusses this potent root in detail! This is one spicy article! You like horseradish with your beef or lamb dishes? Well, you can learn more here!

Recipes and Remedies

             Four different recipes that you can make at home. Salve, allergy relief tablets (pastilles), glycerite and prepared horseradish. Have fun making these and knowing that you can make your own medicine!

Lessons for Little Sprouts by ME! (Sara Davis)

             This is a special, printable mini-magazine that is special designed for the young (or young at heart). I have included two hand drawn illustrations that can be colored, a short poem to learn, a kid sized herbal lesson, and a short Bible lesson. I have been teaching children for about 20 years now. I love to watch them learn! So far, this mini magazine has received overwhelming approval from the children!

There are 13 articles (not including the mini for children) and over 30 pages (4 more in the mini magazine)! Plus, if you purchase this first issue there are more freebies included!

Our 'What about Essential Oils?' video,  a lavender salve recipe PDF from Heather Harris at The Homesteading Hippy , and   a consultation coupon code from Cyndi Sell ofPatches of Thyme, .

AND if you order by March 31st, you will also get two more coupons! A 25% off consultation purchase of $35 or more at Shatul Wellness and a 15% off any purchase at Ol' Farmhouse Products!

This is a great package deal! It is worth it! The price is very affordable and there are two buying options, one issue or a years subscription (yep, we are already working on the next issue!) Go buy yours today and take advantage of the freebies!





Posted on March 24, 2016 .