Healthy Breast Herbal Formula

This is the first blog entry spotlighting one of our October specials.

This herbal blend from Natural Hope Herbals is specially designed as a lymph and immune tonic designed to support healthy breasts and relieve minor discomfort. Breast Health is intended for short term use.

So, let's look at these herbs and what properties make this blend special.

Echinacea is a popular medicinal herb because it activates the body’s immune system. Which increases the chance of fighting off almost any disease. Clinical studies have shown that extracts of Echinacea improve white blood cell count and create other immune responses.

Usnea is a lichen, not what we would technically call an herb, but still with wonderful, beneficial properties. Usnea kills microbes by disrupting cellular metabolism, unlike pharmaceuticals which disrupt structural components of bacterial cells. Human cells are not affected by usnea.

Red root is an astringent to membranes. It has been used both internally and externally in the treatment of dull pains. The native tribes of North America used it to treat skin cancers, skin lesions among other things. It is also used for Fibrocystic breast disease, mastitis, and lymphadenitis. Red root is well suited to clearing up lingering afflictions that have gone chronic, especially those affecting the immune and hepatic systems, manifesting as swollen glands.

Regular doses of Hops strobiles can help regulate the menstrual cycle. GLA which also occurs in evening primrose oil, has been found in hops, suggesting itsusefulness for PMS and menstrual problems, especially muscle cramps, headaches, and sore breasts.

Poke. Yes, those of us here in the Ozarks have most all of us heard of 'poke salat'. But this plant has more uses than just one.  In this herbal blend, it is the root that is used. Let me say here and now, THIS IS ONLY TO BE USED BY AN EXPERIENCED HERBALIST! So, don't just run out and start digging poke root. This herbal formula has been carefully prepared by an experienced herbalist.

Now...about poke root... It makes a good poultice for caked breasts. It has also been used as an aid in advanced cancer of the breast as a poultice. Investigators have reported finding a mitogenic substance in Pokeweed that may prove useful in cancer research and treatment.  Poke root treats constipation and glandular and lymphatic congestion. Poke is one of the best blood and lymphatic purifying herbs. It is especially effective for glands in the throat, the reproductive area and the mammary glands. It has been used to treat cancers, and more specifically, for breast cancer. It is excellent for the treatment of cancer, tumors, arthritis and degenerative diseases, but should be used with respect and only by the experienced or pre-formulated combinations.

As you can see, this is a great formula for breast health. Order yours now while the October sale is on! Go here to place your order.

Wishing you a healthy day,

Sara and the Ol' Farmhouse family

Also, go on over here and read more ways to care for your breasts. My friend, Jacki May did a nice little blog about the subject.


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Posted on October 6, 2015 .