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We are SO excited!!! The Biblical Herbal e-magazine is almost ready for release! As one of the editors, I have already seen the magazine and let me tell you.... It's great!!

Great articles ranging from Materia Medica to Women's Health, Recipes and Wildcrafting, Herbs of the Bible and more! 

I guess, of course, I am a little partial to the mini magazine at the end.

Lessons for Little Sprouts  This is my contribution the the magazine.

I have been teaching children for 20 years now. My focus has been on teaching them from the Bible, but really, I just love teaching! I enjoy using things in nature to bring God's Word to life in their minds. And children are by nature full of wonder at the things of God!

This is exactly what I have endeavored to do in Lessons for Little Sprouts! Taking the beauty of God's Creation and using it to point our eyes back on Him!

In this mini magazine I have included information on the herb, its usage, and its action.  Then I wrote a short poem to memorize that will help them always remember this herb and something about it. I have included a word search for those who are a wee bit older. I designed the cover so that it can be printed and colored. I also included my own illustration of the herb in black and white so that they can color it. And then there is a short Bible lesson drawn from the herb.  All of this is printable and would be a great addition to family time, devotional time, or homeschool! 

I am delighted and honored to be a part of The Biblical Herbal and all that they are doing! This is the first issue, but we are already working on the next! (It's gonna be great too, by the way!!)

You can purchase the magazines issue by issue at a very reasonable price, or subscribe for the year at a reduced rate. Trust me, either way, you won't be disappointed!!

                                                      The Biblical Herbal magazine

                                                      The Biblical Herbal magazine

Check it out here and sign up for more information! Release of the first issue is set for March 21st~ the first day of Spring!

Wishing you a healthy day,

Sara and the Ol' Farmhouse family

Posted on March 17, 2016 .