Tasty Dental formula

Hi there! Today I am going to feature another of the products that are on sale for the month of October.

The Tasty Dental Formula

Black Walnut hulls-Obviously, this is a very prolific tree here in the Ozarks. And we all know that the nut inside is good for food. But, did you know that the hulls are good for medicine? Yes, they certainly are! Over the centuries, various parts of the Black Walnut have been used as medicine for many different issues. Everything from the brain to ringworm to toothaches. Burns, wounds, insect bites, parasites and more have all been treated at one time or another with Black Walnut. According to Louise Tenney, the Black Walnuts contain various healing minerals. These are organic iodine, magnesium, manganese,  Vitamin B15, silica, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. Iodine and Silica both are known to be antibacterial. Silica is essential for tooth enamel growth and repair.

Marshmallow Root- Remember when we discussed the soothing properties of Marshmallow Root last week?  Well, along with soothing the mucous membranes of the mouth, Marshmallowis high in calcium and is an excellent source of trace minerals including chromium, iron, magnesium and selenium (Pedersen, 2011). All of which are very important for the strength of teeth and bones.

Horsetail- Now, let me assure you, we are still talking about herbs here. Not truly the tail of a horse, this herb is also sometimes called Shavegrass.  This herb, too is high in silica.  It is also astringent, helping to tonify mucous membranes.

Oak bark- Yes, another tree! White Oak bark has been historically used to tighten gum tissue around teeth. It is also an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

This is one of our Tasty formulas and therefore is made with a lower percentage of alcohol, glycerin and with added peppermint for flavor. These are specially formulatedfor children, but can be used by adults as well. This is a pleasant tasting formula that children enjoy taking. Build those teeth strong and healthy! We need those chompers!

You can purchase our Tasty Dental Formula here at 15% off for the month of October! Don't let this sale pass you by!!

Wishing you a healthy day,

Sara and the Ol' Farmhouse family

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Posted on October 20, 2015 .