What is a person to believe anyway?

You know, I see it all the time. I have fallen prey to it myself. And so have you!

A lie.

No one likes a lie. No one likes a liar.

But what if they did not intend to lie? There is also simply the case of misinformation. It seems that in this generation of information, there would be less of that. But, on the contrary, there is simply more confusion than ever!

It is this way about everything. Politics, religion, diet, healthcare, herbs, essential oils, you name it...  What this can do is gender confusion in our minds. Who and what do you believe? Our first reaction tends to be...."Let's Google it!" But this is not necessarily a good solution.

Why? Well, first of all, anyone can have their own website or blog. ANYONE.  And, thankfully, we still have the freedom of speech in this country. Therefore, anyone can write anything.

Second, there is money to be made by telling people certain things.

Money is a powerful driving force. Everyone wants you to buy from them. Of course! I mean, hey, wouldn't YOU like for me to send you some money? But of course! And it is possible that if I offered you enough money, you would say/write whatever I asked of you.

Then there is the Biblical concept of "blind leaders of the blind". Folks who really think that they know. But they are misled themselves.  Stop and think about all the parents who taught their children that the earth was flat, like a pancake. Where they doing it for money? No. Were they purposely misleading their children? Of course not! But they were simply teaching what they had been taught.

So how does one sort it all out? WELL....  Good question!

First off, we need to realize that no one person is going to have all of the answers. Even a whole group of someones won't have all the answers. But, there is some safety in the multitude of counselors.

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.
(Proverbs 11:14)

Second, and really the most important of all, is to recognize that the Creator is All-Knowing. If we ask for wisdom, He will freely give it. And, we must recognize that His Word is true. Back to my example, you see, the Bible said all along that the earth was round. And there are Bible principles that will always be solid and ready to guide.

Having said all of that, I am hosting a class this Thursday on essential oils. Do I have all the answers? No way! But I have gathered facts from several reliable sources. I find that when several unrelated, reliable sources agree...they are usually correct (unless it contradicts the Bible).

I will be presenting this information in a solid, systematic fashion that can give you tools to go on and learn more.

Join us this Thursday to learn more about essential oils. Click here for more information.

Remember, Knowledge is Power!

And if you are too far to attend....

We plan on recording the class and making it available online! So subscribe below and we'll send you information as soon as it is available!

Wishing you a healthy day,

Sara and the Ol' Farmhouse family

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Posted on February 9, 2016 .