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About Us

Hi, there! We are so glad that you stopped by to visit! Let me tell you more about us.

We are a home schooling, family owned business. Our facilities are located on our family farm, in the heart of the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Here is our story.

It all started in the summer of 2006 . One day I was sitting on the front porch watching my little baby. I was thinking about how pure and clean and innocent a baby is. How pure their little bodies are and such clear skin! I thought to myself, I just don’t want to put any yucky stuff on her and mess up the good thing that she has going here. And so, my quest for natural medicine began.

Since then, we have continued to learn and grow through many, many hours of study.  I, Sara Davis, hold a certificate of completion of the Intermediate course of study with the Herbal Academy. I am also a contributing author to The Biblical Herbal magazine and a speaker for The Christian Herbal conference.

Now we are offering our knowledge to you and supplying the local community with all natural products ranging from bulk herbs, teas and spices, to salves and tinctures.  We continue to grow. More products are forthcoming and will soon be added to our growing list.

Thank you for helping us to grow! We know that you will enjoy all of our products.

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